Treat Yourself To Some French Delights At Coachman’s Inn

Surely there’s more to French cuisine than frogs’ legs and escargot. When I think of dishes that are considered French, those are the only two options that come to mind. I’ve never been the type of person that explores the world of gastronomy because I didn’t find the idea of munching on skinny amphibian pins and slimy, shelled critters appetising. So, to challenge myself, I thought I’d make my way to the cosy Coachman’s Inn to broaden my knowledge on what else this said cuisine has to offer. There’s always a first time for everything!

Established almost 40 years ago, Coachman’s Inn has become one of those landmark buildings we have come to know – or have seen while stuck in traffic. If you often drive along Peter Place in Bryanston, you’ll definitely know which building I’m talking about – the unmissable  Tudor-style inn.

As soon as you walk in, one notices the exposed beams and interesting decor. It’s almost as if one is stepping back in time. There are plenty of nooks and crannies, making this venue ideal if you want to enjoy an intimate dinner for two or a business meeting sans continuous interruptions. Once we were settled at our table, we were offered a complimentary sherry or port and got the rundown on the specials of the day. The staff are friendly and charming and offer top-notch service throughout your entire meal.

Coachmans Inn

Now onto the main event – the food! The menu will leave you spoilt for choice. Choose from French snails in a fresh herb-garlic butter sauce to grilled duck livers, salmon and sirloin, it’s all there – French-inspired cuisine to suit the South African palate. I couldn’t get enough of my Jarret D’Agneau Morrocain (a slow roasted lamb shank in a red wine sauce). The lamb fell off the bone and the sauce was moreish. Other dishes I got to sample were the Entrecote Dorchester ( a sirloin steak with a Madagascar sauce) and the excellent Canard Oriental (a deboned crisp braised duckling).

No meal is complete a sweet ending. I just had to order the Gauteau Froid Au Chocolat – heaven on a plate! A decadent chocolate fudge fridge cake filled with shortbread biscuit bits, smothering in a Belgian chocolate ganache, served with peppermint ice cream and topped with a ball of spun sugar. It was the most beautiful and delicious dessert I have ever had and totally worth the over indulgence. My family all tucked into a classic Crème Brulee.

After feasting like kings, I realised that I didn’t stick to the game plan of trying any frogs’ legs or forking French snails out of their shells, but it gives me all the more reason to return to Coachman’s Inn and maybe (I repeat, MAYBE) give them a go.

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