Treat Yourself To A Dessert And Rum Pairing At Bar Hemingway’s

You probably already know about how foods like cheese, olives, crackers and spicy deli meats go well with wine, but do you know which sweet treats go well with a flight of rum? Head down to Bar Hemingway’s and find out!


The cutesy Kyalami café that is Café Hemingway’s has just taken on a new character with the addition of its elegant copper bar that exudes the perfect blend of tradition and whimsy.

Bar Hemingway’s, as it’s better-known, is a sophisticated and intimate space where you can sip on more than just a glass of their finest French champagne or a once-off cocktail designed especially for you. Now you can indulge in a unique dessert and rum pairing, too.

Think top-notch rums paired with decadent treats like French macarons, coconut ice, chocolate truffles and Turkish delight – does it really get any better than that? In our opinion, this is an experience that every devoted foodie needs to tick off his or her list.

You can be sure that Chef Shaun and the café’s Master Barsmith will prepare the most exclusive tasting experience for you and your partner to indulge in. For pricing information and bookings, please contact Café Hemingways directly. You can find their contact details here.

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