Treat Yourself To Level Four’s Winter Warmer Menu

If you’re looking to spoil that special someone, fancy some fantastic gourmet food, or are simply looking for an excuse to get all dressed up, Level Four at 54 on Bath has got you covered!

When I walked into 54 on Bath’s Level Four restaurant, I must admit that I felt a tad underdressed. To be honest, I don’t normally frequent such upmarket restaurants so this was definitely something different – but in a good way. It’s also a great excuse to get all dolled up and celebrate a special occasion!

As my friend and I sat down, we were presented with freshly-made feta and potato bread, which was served with not one but three different kinds of butter: regular, sundried tomato and herb-infused. Obviously I had to try all three, which meant that one slice of bread just wasn’t going to cut it. I was well on my way to spoiling my appetite but I couldn’t help myself!

I ordered a glass of white wine, while my friend stuck to plain old water – boring! The winter menu isn’t huge, it’s just a page long but, after poring over it for quite a while, making a decision proved to be difficult. Each chef is credited for his or her dish individually, which gives the menu a personalised touch. We decided to skip the starters as we’d already filled up on that tasty bread and weren’t risking being too full for dessert. Although, we did think twice when the waiter recommended lobster bisque and peri-peri prawns… Must. Resist.

Mains were a tough choice. I mean, with the kinds of items they had on the menu, how can you not second-guess yourself? Think sea bass, smoked snoek tart, apricot puree and curried lentils, pork belly, chorizo and African groundnut ragu with kale and apple and lentil bobotie, cinnamon butternut pie, brinjal and sambals. See what I mean?

After much deliberation, I went for the porcini risotto with mixed mushroom fricassee, Parmesan and smoked olive oil, while my friend chose the seared duck breast, miso pear, confit leg roulade, heritage carrots and pear Kimchi. I definitely chose well – my meal was flavourful, comforting and delicious. Of course, I tasted my friend’s, too – gourmet to the tee! When the waiter came to clear up, he said the chef would be so pleased because we basically licked the plates clean!

Onto dessert … My eye immediately landed on the cheesecake. I had to have it. It arrived looking like a work of art – deconstructed and presented so beautifully, I almost felt bad tucking in. Almost. The traditional biscuit base wasn’t underneath the cake like normal – instead it was sprinkled around the circular cake, which was topped with ginger sorbet. Divine! Again, I extended my spoon over to my friend’s plate for some white chocolate mousse, maccaron and chocolate ganaché. Also delicious!

After all of that, the waiter came around with what looked like a cigar tray of chocolate truffles and coffee-flavoured fudge. We couldn’t say no so we had one of each. It topped the meal off nicely. We rolled out of there feeling full and satisfied, and wanting to come back again as soon as possible!

Address: 54 on Bath Hotel, 54 Bath Ave, Rosebank, Joburg.

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