Trendy Vintage Collectables

Add some culture in your home by adding collectables. Not sure what to start with? Here are some of our favourite trendy and vintage suggestions!


Old Telephone

There’s nothing quite like an old/ vintage telephone to add some culture in your living room. You can pick from the really old models or opt for a fairly new one. If you’re lucky, you might even score yourself one that is still in working order. Even if it doesn’t work anymore, it makes for a great conversation piece when hosting guests.

Record Player

Vinyls and record players have been making a steady come back since the past year or so. Don’t wait for their prices to hike up before your score yourself one. A few records stores have even been popping up in and around the city, namely Maboneng and Braamfortein. Believe the hype and get yourself a retro record player.

Vintage Camera

It’s not everyday you see a vintage camera, especially when newer and more diverse camera models are being made everyday. But why not invest in a vintage camera and have something to chat about when you have grandchildren? Even then, do people even remember the analog cameras? Or the original polaroids? Get involved folks.


What’s great about getting a typewriter collectable is that, most you’ll find, even the really old ones, are still in good working condition. Not only that but there are still companies dedicated to servicing old typewriters. How amazing? And as with everything else on this list, there are newer models of typewriters you could opt for if you don’t want a rustic vintage one.


Make your travelling more exciting by collecting vintage suitcases. In the world of black, white, grey and maybe even red suitcases – add some colour to the airport terminals by holding an awesome vintage suitcase. What’s even better, you can re-purpose old suitcases to be ornaments or furniture in your home and/or bedroom. Retro much? Oh definitely!

These items and more can be found at different antiques stores in and around the city, click here for our top antique shops.

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other trendy vintage collectables we didn’t mention? Let us know below!

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