Try One Of Everything At Escondido Tapas

Indulge in a wide range of tapas at this hidden gem in Illovo. Escondido Tapas is a must for any food or wine lover out there.

If you know Illovo, then you will know about the Thrupps Centre and all the amazing restaurants that can be found within. What you might not know is the Post Office Centre, just opposite Thrupps … more specifically, I’m talking downstairs on your right, where you will find Escondido Tapas.

This place is one of those real hidden gems … it’s not your typical restaurant – if you’re a wine lover and feel like trying a bit of everything, tapas-style, then a meal here is a great experience.

Walking into the restaurant, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were walking into a small café. When you sit down you’re given a thick wine menu, full of unique collections (wine lovers, listen up: if you find a wine that you like then there is also the option to buy a case right then and there.) If you’re not a lover of wine but still want to try something different from your run-of-the-mill beers, don’t worry – there is a decent selection of craft beers on offer, too.

Tucked away in the wine collection, cut off and private from the rest of the restaurant, is a table that looks into the kitchen and is surrounded by some of the most desirable wines from around the country … this little spot makes for the perfect setting for an intimate (and boozy) dinner.

The food on the menu is tapas-style and the selection is interesting to say the least. Some of the options have a pub grub feel while some are more along the lines of fine dining – think paella, cinnamon and sugar pumpkin fritters and fillet tail. We went the pub grub route and opted for sticky pork ribs, which were delicious and tender, as well as spicy chicken wings and fish and chips … yum!

The next time I visit this spot, I’ll be sure to try something completely different as there are oh-so-many options to choose from! It’s best to go in a group so that you can get a taste of everything … wine, tapas and a cozy atmosphere will make for a great, lazy and long evening at Escondido Tapas Bar.

By Duncan Collins

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