Turn Heads With tweak&STYLE

That moment when you are trying to find something to wear, and you empty out your entire closet only to realise that everything sucks. Been there, done that … and was forced to wear a dowdy tee and jeans. Again! Take it from me – choosing the perfect outfit can destroy an entire room in a matter of minutes. This is why I am so excited to tell you about my latest find – tweak&STYLE from House of Janine.

I’ve been shopping for a good 20 years and I don’t have a single empty hanger in my closet, and yet I still feel like I have nothing to wear. I get it … getting dressed in the morning would be so much easier if our Pinterest closets were real. My biggest problem is that I don’t shop with a purpose and I hate trying on clothing at the store. Fluorescent lighting – need I say more? If you have the same problem, or if you think wearing socks with sandals or scrunchies are cool (it really isn’t), you’re going to want to read on.

The good ol’ days of throwing on a Minnie Mouse tee and looking fabulous are done and dusted. No one knows this better than Janine Starkey – the owner of local image consultancy, House of Janine. Janine has a background in personal styling and fashion design, and can take your wardrobe from drab to fab in minutes!

Turn Heads With tweak&STYLE

One day, when I win the lotto, I will show my real estate agent, private chef and stylist exactly what I want (thanks Pinterest). Until then, I will definitely be making use of tweak&STYLE. I got to put this service – which is only one month old – to the test and I was super impressed. I opted for the Style Assist option (from R495), which offers both women and men a personal stylist at their disposal. Step one – I created my online style profile and told the stylist about myself and my lifestyle. Step two – the stylist hand-picked six items of clothing and delivered it to my door, so that I could try them on in the comfort of my own home – bliss! I ended up buying four of the six items in my box. From now on, I have decided to call Rani Ryan (the stylist who helped me) the ‘Clothing Whisperer’. She is that good!  Step three – I called tweak&STYLE to collect the items I didn’t want (only because the fit wasn’t 100 per cent), and they picked it up, returned the clothing and refunded me. Whoever said that stylists are only for the rich and famous are dead wrong!

Joburg and the surrounding areas can expect to pay a R495 style fee (this excludes your chosen budget). Your new clothing and accessories (between five to eight items) will be couriered to your door. The fee also includes return postage for the items you don’t want. If you don’t like the contents of your box, one of the stylists will be in touch to understand why and to re-shop for you. If you are still not happy, they will refund the service fee. Boxes are delivered every Friday and the service takes about a week from the date that you placed your order. Returns must be made within four days. Your clothing and accessories come with the price tag and they do not bump up the prices. Click on the following link for a list of frequently asked questions: http://tweaknstyle.co.za/faq/


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By: Samantha Richardson

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