Turn Resolutions into Reality!

Turn Resolutions into Reality!

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Ensure 2010 is your year of making intentions real!

Great resolutions are proclaimed on the 1st day of the New Year, but sadly most of them, no matter how good the intention, seize to come to fruition and die a silent death after a week or two. Falling short of sticking to one’s resolutions not only prevents one from realizing one’s ideal, but also goes to work to sadly strengthen those feelings of failure, resulting in giving up on all good intentions before one has really even gotten started. What a dismal state of affairs!

If, on the other hand, one can stick to one’s resolutions and realize them at the outset of a new year, it leads to a feeling of being in control over one’s life, and allows one to feel positive and good about oneself … an optimistic state of mind which in turn allows one to believe one can achieve results and get what one wants out of your year.

It’s up to you to make the necessary changes!

So, with your best intentions at heart you set out another year to make this year a better one than last … hopeful changes are announced to improve your life, reach your true potential, achieve your goals and realize your dreams. But the truth is this time round things won’t necessarily be better than last unless you make it so. Resolutions are core, but with it there needs to be willingness to make those crucial changes to bring about the outcomes you desire.

Key ingredients to ensure one’s resolutions turn into reality

A resolution is only an intention, and for as long as a resolution is an intention, there is no real commitment to drive it to an achievement. First and foremost your Resolutions need to become Committed Goals, which will have a near-perfect chance to materialize if :

  1. You believe you can do it
  2. You’re committed and determined to get what you want
  3. You’re disciplined in the execution of your actions

If you believe you can, you’re committed to your ideal and willing to be disciplined around your actions, the following steps will almost certainly take you all the way to achievement!

  1. Define your committed goal. State exactly what you want, how much and by when. Make your goal measurable.
  2. Develop a clear vision of your outcome. Visualize what you intend to achieve by the specified date, focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Make your picture as bright and colourful and as attractive as you can using all your senses … all the while allowing yourself to feel excited by the possibilities contained in this ideal outcome.
  3. Pen a well thought-through detailed plan and strategy. Design your flight-plan, think what route you need to take to lead you most effectively to your ideal outcome.
  4. Be disciplined to consistently execute your actions. Start at the beginning and set actions for you to complete disciplinedly to get to where you want to be.
  5. Establish new functional habits. Through consistently acting and behaving in more effective ways, new more functional habits are created.

… and this all lead to … results!


You can certainly use the above to set yourself up for a great 2010, however, for those who are keen to kick-start their Resolutions and can invest to get their year into gear, I will be hosting a workshop to help you Shape Your Year and Pen Your Plan.

Date : Saturday 6 February 2010
Venue : FNB Conference Centre, Sandton
Time : 09h00 to 13h00
Rate : R390.00 per person

Governance Coach™ and Clinical Hypnotherapist (UK), Lynelle Smith BA (Ind Psych), BA Hons (Psych), PDCHyp (UK), ICF ACC, will guide you through, amongst others, the following :

  • Define your Committed Goals for 2010
  • Vision Creation through Guided Visualisation
  • Pen a Plan and Draft your Strategy
  • Goal Directed Therapy to imbed your goals and activities on a subconscious level
  • Guided Visualisation on a subliminal level to increase Personal Effectiveness

Download a booking form.

Private 2010 Planning Sessions at 50% discount

For those who feel they might benefit more from a private 2010 Planning Session can book an 1½ hour Blue Print session at R485.00.

Competition to Win a Governance Coaching™ Series

One name will be drawn from the workshop and private session bookings to receive a full 12-Session Governance Coaching™ series to the value of R12,000.00. Winner to be announced on their website by Sunday, 28th February 2010.

Get ready for your most amazing year yet!
For more information on how Coaching can work for you call Lynelle Smith on the details alongside.

It takes courage to set out on a path where you’ll be met with stumbling blocks and challenges, in pursuit of the great reward. However, with the support of your coach, you can taste success! If you want to be bigger, better and more, allow Crest Consulting to help you get there!

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