The Ultimate Food Journey In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of those hidden gems in the culinary world. Because of its location, it has a brilliant international menu to boast. Here’s our culinary guide to the “Venice of the north.”


Jacketz Oud-West

Spuds, spuds galore! Jacketz Oud-West is renowned for its bacon and chilli blasted potatoes. The service at this old eatery is top shelf and there’s always a friendly face ready to serve. The menu boasts tonnes of vegetarian and vegan options. The chilli spud comes recommended.

De Silveren Spiegel

Fine dining has just reached a new level. De Silveren Spiegel is set in a historic building in Amsterdam and is just the place for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries or popping the question. Be sure to book in advance though because there’s a reason why De Silveren is one of the top restaurants in town. The scallops are to die for. Trust us on this one.

Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka 

Classic Japanese cuisine in the heart of the Netherlands. Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka is a mandatory stop-over when taking a culinary journey through Amsterdam. Sazanka, as it’s also known, boasts five different menus of which one is vegetarian. Options are plenty and the Japanese eatery has an impressive wine list to compliment your meal choice.

The French Connection

Choose from four to seven courses and watch life pass by as you eat your way through France and Asia – all from the comfort of a cosy restaurant in Amsterdam. The French Connection is a French/Chinese fusion restaurant which serves everything from wagyu beef to substitute Pâté… it’s all under one roof.

Mook Pancakes

You can’t travel all the way to Amsterdam and not have pancakes, right? These battered little babies are so popular that it should be labelled as a staple food in the Netherlands. Choose between English and Dutch styled pancakes; sweet or savoury and tuck in to something beautiful. The coffee is very good as well and compliments every menu choice available.

Have you visited Amsterdam and had a culinary experience of your own? Tell us all about it in the comments section below. If you are planning a trip to the city of canals, show this to your travel buddy. 

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