Unlocking the power of your chakras

Unlocking the power of your chakras

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What are your chakras and how do they work? Join me for one day workshop offering insight into the blueprint of YOU! Just as your PC stores information about your computer programmes, your chakras store information about your beliefs, attitudes, character and personality. This journey of self discovery and growth happens in a fun and nurturing environment.

As you begin to understand the nature and content of each of your chakras, an understanding of who you are and why you do things begins to unfold. Self discovery, understanding and sustainable change becomes easier and possible. The exploration of your chakras and the dynamics of the human energy field is an exciting journey into the self.

Although chakras are not physical entities they impact on our lives in the same way as our emotions and thoughts. By changing the programmes stored here we are able to change our lives.

Chakra One – Red – Relates to our security

Chakra Two – Orange – Relates to our sexuality and creativity

Chakra Three – Yellow – Relates to sense of control and power

Chakra Four – Green – Relates to our relationships

Chakra Five – Sky Blue – Relates to our communication

Chakra Six – Indigo – Relates to our intuition and imagination

Chakra Seven – Violet – relates to our spirituality

Examples of chakra problems:

An excessive third chakra will manifest dominating behaviour, whereas an excessive fifth chakra will manifest excessive talking and an inability to listen.

A deficiency in the second chakra can result in frigidity and impotence.

Take Control:

Step into a world of colour and vibration, awaken your rainbows and activate your passion for life.

Date: 12 November 2005, 09h00-16h00

Cost: R385.00 and includes chakra chart, chakra affirmation card, chakra info card and chakra workbook.

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