Urban Decay Is Set To Open It’s Doors This July!

Ladies, listen up! This year, beloved make-up brand, Urban Decay, is finally hitting our shores. How fab is the fact that we’ll never have to beg friends, family or even strangers to bring us back a Naked eyeshadow palette from overseas again? Rather, we’ll be able to dash to the store and pick one up ourselves. 



Now that we’ve got all you make-up gurus looking alive, we’ll give you the inside scoop so far. So, as you already know, Urban Decay Cosmetics is a much-loved cosmetic brand that we’ve all been hoping would become locally available – and our wish has finally been granted!

Thanks to L’Oreal South Africa (we can’t thank them enough!), Urban Decay will be opening its very own store in 2016. Yup, that’s right… its very own stand alone store! According to L’Oreal South Africa, the doors to make-up heaven will open on 09 July 2016 in Joburg. Finally, the wait is almost over!

Other information on stockists, the product range and pricing information hasn’t yet been released, so keep your eyes peeled over the next  month – you can bet that we’ll keep you in the loop. Prepare to take your make-up routine to the next level, girls!

If you want to get ahead of yourself and check out the brand’s full product range, check out their website.

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