Vega School Offers An Alternative Route To A Quick Career Path

Let’s face it, looking for a job can be a rather difficult task, especially if you’re a newbie trying to join the working force. To impress your potential employers – and help you stand out from the crowd – why not add a little more oomph to your CV with a few short courses from Vega School?

Why Choose Vega To Add That Edge To Your CV?

Vega School, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), aims to develop valuable skills that’ll help with absolutely everything when it comes to following a career path, from entering the job market to developing managers and leaders through its graduate and post-graduate courses.

Entering the workforce is typically the first challenge of your career, which can also be the toughest hurdle. And to better the chances of overcoming this obstacle, a short course provides practical skills that can assist you with being immediately employable, whether you’re new to the workforce or keen to make a career switch.

And with thousands of matriculants entering the job market, you need to ensure you can provide a CV that stands out from all the rest with something extra. Short courses offer exactly that – they’re designed for those wishing to rapidly acquire and apply the core skills of a chosen career.


What Types Of Courses Do They Offer?

Vega School has a series of short courses that offer individuals entry into a number of brand-related fields. The five courses available include:

  • Brand & Marketing Management (16 weeks)
  • Digital Brand Strategy (12 weeks)
  • Desktop Publishing & Design (15 weeks)
  • Web Design (15 weeks)
  • Copywriting (14 weeks)

Short courses are a coordinated response by Vega School to the skills shortage faced by the country and the growing unaffordability of full-suite tertiary education for many families.

Each course consists of an integrated programme, focusing on the development of concepts and skills related to performance in the workplace. Individuals who complete a short course will leave with a professional creative edge.

For More Information

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