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I can’t BELIEVE that I have worked THIS hard to uncover one of the best-kept secrets in Joburg, only to discover that I am going to be overseas for the sale! (I am ashamed to admit that I actually contemplated not telling you out of sheer and utter spite, because really, what I am about to share with you is a BIG DEAL!)

I first heard about these exquisite genuine leather handbags a few months ago when a few ladies were chatting about arriving at the shop at 5am in the morning on the first day (so they could take in a spot of shopping before work). Which is all fine and well, except that the shop was apparently “somewhere in Roodepoort!” But no matter how many times I asked, no-one would tell me the name of the shop, or its location. And Google, for once, was pretty useless.

And can you believe that I stumbled on this information quite by chance? And as soon as I had a spare hour (thanks to a cancelled meeting), I decided to go and check it out for myself.

Well, it’s a good thing I did – because their annual SALE starts next week Wednesday, 27th of October! But even if you don’t go for the sale, this is one place you need to visit the very second you have some spare time.

  1. It took me 15 minutes from Design Quarter in Fourways – how weird is that? It is just off the Gordon Rd offramp and the directions are very clear and easy to follow.
  2. You will think you are in the wrong place. I parked and went up 3 floors in the slowest lift on earth, and began wondering what on earth I was doing there.
  3. You will think you are in the wrong place – with the rockets on the roof. I parked and went up 3 floors in the slowest lift on earth, and began wondering what on earth I was doing there.
  4. I fell completely in love with a linen handbag with leather corners – and it was such a bonus that the price was incredibly good too! I also loved a range of blue suede-looking bags that I just know my older (thinner and more beautiful) sister will love when she visits from Perth. This is such a find – with or without a sale! They were priced at under R2 000 each.
  5. Remember that most of the bags are MANUFACTURED on the premises – and so you are paying a fraction of what you would pay in Sandton.
  6. Many of the bags are so unique that there are just 2 or 3 in the entire world!
  7. The prices vary – from under R1 000 to the most expensive exceeding R60 000. There is such a huge array of colours, styles and prices, that you will definitely find what you are looking for. And the SALE is the perfect time to hunt for ridiculous bargains on selected styles – women walk out of there with 3 or more bags at a time.
  8. I could not believe how many bags I saw that made me think: “Oooh, Giselle would LOVE that!” or “Wow, my mom has been looking for something like that!” or “Oh my gosh, I LOVE that!”
  9. I can’t wait to go again when I have more time – because these bags last a lifetime. Instead of buying a couple of bags a year that wear out, I am going to invest in a beautiful one (in my price range though) that I can keep and keep and keep).
  10. I love the fact that I couldn’t find faults or stray threads on any of the bags – these are exquisitely finished. I was sad too as the art of making bags is dying out, and relieved to find it’s very much alive and well here.

Do yourself a favour and pop in. You have nothing to lose other than an hour of your time – and the complimentary cappuccinos are SO worth the drive. Besides, I think this would make the ideal Christmas gift (and you deserve it!). You can also subscribe to their newsletter, so you will be the first to receive sales advance notices, as well as occasional information about their new ranges .

Trust me on this – you need to go. I can now understand why so few women will share this information with their friends. I didn’t want to either!

*Due to the exclusivity of items, stock will be limited.

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