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Rocky Horror Show Review
Victory Theatre – Houghton Estate

The day of the press launch of the Rocky Horror Show was not a good day. Firstly, and most importantly to a style guru such as myself, I was not dressed nor wearing make up, for the theatre. I got over that one fairly quickly, by telling myself that no matter how much make-up I wore, in any photos I had taken with the cast of Rocky horror, I would look pale and plain.

The second reason was that I was, as I always am, busy. I rushed into the Victory theatre in Houghton Estate and settled myself down in the dark. The press launch is a mini play, the cast were performing four songs, so that the press could get an idea of the songs, the stage setting, the costumes, the vibe in the theatre and so on.

After a quick introduction from the producer, Joe Theron, the first song, Science fiction, began. And that was me…. I was transported. Away. Another world. (A better one). Such an awesome voice – is that…yes it is…it’s Tamara Dey as Magenta. And what an amazing performance.

A thousand thoughts flooded my mind. This is just immeasurably better than TV, why do I not watch live theatre every night of the week? Why does anyone sit in front of the telly when shows like the Rocky horror are on? Television is no substitute for real, highly honed and trained talent in live theatre. Nothing compares. A slight stumble on the stairs, and an expert, flawless recovery – these things make it real, make it live. I adored it. Every second.

I forget how much I love live theatre. And I think that’s my point. We forget. We forget to the book the tickets, we forget to make the time to do stuff we know we love. It’s so much easier to put your feet up and watch Desperate Housewives.

This is one show you don’t want to forget to book for. It’s the show you don’t want to miss. Call Computicket or The Victory Theatre for tickets (see detail links alongside). For all the sweet transvestites, wild and untamed things and superheroes out there, Friday is dress-up night. Get ready for Jozi’s biggest party!

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