Vilebrequin – Nelson Mandela Square


Planning a trip down to the coast and need to get your hands on new and stylish swimwear to strut down the beach? Then you will want to visit Vilebrequin in Nelson Mandela Square, as they offer shoppers the best in luxury swimwear.

Quick drying, durable, and vibrant with bright colours and interesting prints, Vilebrequin’s swimwear is both stylish and versatile, and believe it or not, worn by European royalty, sports legends, big shot artists, and A-list actors. Not only do they cater to men with their trendy swimming trunks, but they also offer swimwear pieces for the ladies.

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Vilebrequin offers the best in luxury swimwear for men and women.


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John Habib J Says:

Get the feel of Madiba, Nelson Madela, while walking through the restuarants and around the fountain in the square. No better place to get your "Madiba Pic". In the heart South Africa's best mall...

slfs747 Says:

Huge statue of Mandela in the square that a lot of people are drawn to. Nice rooms at the hotel looking over the square. Lots of shops and resturants. Can't believe I ate McDonalds here. I just...

30Annemarie16 Says:

Visited via the shuffle bus from the hotel. Huge statue of Mandela in the square. The square contained some nice looking restaurants, a theatre and a library and was flanked by a shopping mall...

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