Visit The Historical Washington DC

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Washington? We would almost bet that you thought “The White House”. The White House is a fantastic place to visit, but Washington has so much more to offer than just The White House, it is the best historical city in the USA.  Here we have provided you with a guide that will make sure your trip is unforgettable.




What To Do?

The great thing about walking is that you get to do a little sightseeing as you do so. Travellers can take a stroll down Georgetown’s historic waterfront, which is constantly buzzing with activity, and also provides travellers with the opportunity to interact with residents, who can share their views regarding this beautiful city.

Georgetown’s surrounds are every shoppers dream and the streets are lined with a variety of restaurants. Travellers can take a tour of historic sites, while doing some shopping and enjoy a meal at a local restaurant. Not forgetting the beautiful view that can be seen from taking a stroll along Washington Harbour and the Potomac River.

A good hike in a beautiful city is always a good idea. The Great Falls offers a variety of things to do including hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, bicycling, and horseback riding. The venue is a hit among locals and is sure to have travellers coming in numbers.


Where To Eat?

Trying new food is always fun, Ambar is a Balkan cuisine restaurant where visitors can experience delicious food, unbelievable drinks and an atmosphere that blends comfort and high style.

For good food and great drinks, Barmini is the place to be. Visitors can expect amazing cocktails with molecular chemistry elements, making it a fun experience. Barmini also specialises in delicious food that pairs well with the drinks served. Visitors, prepare to be taken on an experimental food and drink journey that is so worth it.



Points Of Interest

The White House is one of Washington’s most prestigious places to visit and of course if you are travelling there for the first time, it is a must-see. The White House holds a variety of historical facts and moments, which makes it the perfect place to visit and get an educational experience.

The Lincoln Memorial is a favourite among travellers, much to the accreditation to whom the memorial is named after. You can enjoy the striking building design by Henry Bacon, complete with 36 Doric columns that signify the states in the Union at the time Lincoln passed away.

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Another must-visit city in the USA is its political heart, Washington DC. From R11 864  for an all-inclusive return flight, you can head to this historical destination and check out everything they have to offer, from the trendy U Street Historic District and the Arlington Cemetery where you’ll find the grave of John F. Kennedy, to stunning views from the Old Post Pavilion.

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