What did you do with your Philip’s today?

What did you do with your Philip’s today?

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As you may already know, I am something of a conundrum. If truth be told, I often do things that make absolutely no sense whatsoever (such as jumping on a trampoline at 10pm at night to warm up, or having my nostrils waxed). But something that remains constant in my life is that I am FULLY committed to the cause of being a woman. There is nothing I like better than jars of lotions and potions and creams and perfumes and massages and facials and pedicures. In fact, if I was chosen to take part in the next episode of Survivor South Africa, I would choose to take my Maybelline lip gloss and French manicure set with me as my two “must have” items.

But here’s the catch – while I am besotted with anything related to beauty – I have an absolute fear of anything related to wellness. Truth be told – I am so bloody lazy that the thought of eating 5 meals, drinking eight glasses of water, ensuring I have enough Omega 3 in my diet and heading off to kick-boxing classes leaves me cold. Besides, if I can’t have that inner healthy glow, I will find some in a bottle and slap it on over my foundation. I am hoping that our resident wellness guru – Ashleigh Caradas – will change my wicked ways in her weekly articles, but in the meantime, I will; happily continue with my search for the best mascara, the latest fragrances, eye creams that actually WORK (go figure) and the best salons and spa treatments available. Some call it work; I call it heaven.

What did you do with your Philips today?

Remember the old Epilady hair removal device? I used to take two myprodol, put a stick between my teeth and scream silently while this rotating whisk of torture pulled the hair on my legs out by the roots. It wasn’t fun but it worked, despite my father’s look of horror when he walked in on my (older, thinner, more beautiful) sister and I going through our monthly hair removal routine. (He was fine after a G&T and one of my mother’s little pink pills).

You can imagine my enormous trepidation when an updated version of the old rotating whisk landed on my desk the other day. Firstly, the Philips Body Perfect (“Trim & shape with more precision, less irritation”) has an image of the world’s most beautiful body on it – and even I will resort to pulling every hair on my body out by the roots if I end up looking like that. And secondly, it has … attachments. And I am scared of anything that comes with attachments and start to panic before I have even started. I mean, what could they all be FOR?

Quick look at the box and I realise that this is a device to be used on your bikini area and eyebrows. Kind of an all-in-one personal grooming kit that can be used to the bikini line and beyond.

The things I do for you people.

Tuesday 8:14 pm – Damn just realised that I have to charge the jolly thing for ten hours.

Wednesday 9:22 am – Bit nervous – am going to try eyebrow comb.
9.34am – Okay, don’t need eyebrow comb. Mine are the right length. Am going to try eyebrow trimmer.
9.47am – LOVE the eyebrow trimmer. Just hold it against skin and go in opposite direction of hair growth. Stunning. Tempted to have another go but fear I may end up as hairless Beauty Editor with eyebrow pencil drawing on eyebrows that have been removed by overzealous trimming.
9.51am – Bikini comb not that bad actually. You choose the desired setting, run it against your skin and trim your hair to the desired length (from 2mm – 10mm). Or you could play with various styles – hurts my head to try and figure out how I would do that. Decide to move on.
9.59am – Okay, going to try Precision Shaver attachment on the one side and Epilation Head on the other side.
10.05am – Precision Shaver works very well – takes a little getting used to, but STUNNING for summer especially for those of us that don’t like having to wait for a bikini wax. You can touch up depending on the swimming costume you are wearing. Love this attachment. Now for Epilation Head.
10.11am – Sitting with bum in birdbath. My sainted aunt. It’s one thing having a bikini wax, but it’s another thing altogether when you have to do it yourself! It does get less painful – but it definitely hurts. Am going to have to weigh up the benefits of long term hair removal against pain factor. Think it’s worth doing once and then maintaining with shaver!
10.16am – Feeling rather proud of myself. At R699, this is a very good purchase and there is no need to go for continual bikini waxes. The fact that it can be used in the shower and has a battery life of up to 60 mins means that you can pop into the shower and have a quick grooming session in a matter of minutes.

Philips Body Perfect retails at R699 and is available from Dischem stores nationwide.

If you would like Shelli NT and her team to review your beauty products or treatments, you can contact her on shelli.nt@velocitymedia.co.za. Delivery address is: Glenhove Square, 71 4th Street, Houghton Estate, Houghton.

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