What I plan to differently in 2010

What I plan to differently in 2010

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Go on a diet.

Go to the gym.

Spend more time out doors.

Go bungee jumping with my family.

Take time out to spoil myself because if we don’t do it who will?

Believe in myself

Being kinder and more loving to my daughter than feeling I need to be so strict, she will learn more from loving behaviour than a shouting Mom!

Tend to my herb and veggie garden more – I find it so rewarding and therapeutic

Be more patient with my husband and focused on the household expenses

Clearing clutter in the house and getting things in order!

Finishing my daughters baby book (she is now almost 5!) and doing some photo albums for her

Getting the job DONE at work – using the time wisely

Communicating more with close family and friends, instead of a huge network of acquaintances

Get up in the mornings with my hubby in the morning to have coffee

Learn to ride a motorbike

Go paintballing

Pick berries with my grandchild

Be positive and pay it forward, avoid negative people

Say or do 1 kind thing everyday

Complain less

Take time to read, relax see the sun rise, hear the birds sing enjoy life and live it as if today is your last day.

Have fewer regrets

Don’t leave thing till tomorrow what you could have done today.

Write down at lest 2 things I am grateful for each day

Love all people

Draw closer to my Creator

Planning on experiencing as many “firsts” as last year

Capture more moments on camera

Mowing my own lawn

Update my will and policies

Enjoy doing absolutely nothing

Start reading a book

Sleep as late as possible (on weekends)

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