What To Do At Orlando Towers

We all love the Orlando Towers, also known as the Soweto Towers. Even though most of us think “bungee jumping” when the towers are mentioned, there are way more fun things to do there at so continue reading.

100m Bungee

This is the favourite activity for Joburgers and a constant stream of tourists making for great Instagram and Snapchat posts. We get it and we love it too. So if you’re feeling frisky, it’s time to go all the way and over the edge! Equally as exhilarating is the thrill of watching others take the plunge.

SCAD Freefall

SCAD, also known as suspended catch air device, is a favourite among adrenaline junkies. We have the world’s highest SCAD freefall in the western cooling tower of the Towers? So if you are looking for the ultimate thrill, there’s one more thing to add to your bucket list.


Are you thinking the cute playground kind? We surely hope not. This is the big time baby. Are you tough enough? Swing between the two towers and experience an unbelievable view of Soweto. Needless to say, try your best to keep your eyes open.

Abseil/ Rapjump

You think you need experience and equipment. Not at all. They have all the stuff and once you have donned the protective gear, you’re ready to go. It’s all good. Rapjump? Same thing – but this time face down. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, it’s just one of those must-do things at the towers. Don’t forget to pre-arrange before showing up.

Climb/ Paintball

We might not have that flat-topped mountain, but we definitely have some rad wall climbing. So you can feed your inner adventure monster any time – no excuses. And, if you’re in a combat mood then, of course, there is paintball! Pre-book and you are set for some hardcore fun!

Base Jumping

The Orlando Towers are base jump friendly, however, this is only for experienced jumpers and must be pre-arranged. So if you’re a pro tired of mingling with the newbies, this one is just for you. Go flaunt your skills and show the young ones how it’s done.

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