What to do now that the World Cup is over

What to do now that the World Cup is over

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Right, so the World Cup is over. There are no more fan parks, fewer visitors to party with, and fewer soccer-related events. Does that mean Joburg will be a ghost town? NO!

Have a look at some action packed post-World Cup events.

Acceptable in the 80’s – Friday, 30th July

Feel like heading back to the decade of big hair, Yuppies and bands like Duran Duran, Queen and Simple Minds? Join Mission Rhino for an evening filled with spectacular music from the 80’s with proceeds going to help rehabilitate rhino. Mission Rhino is a non-profit organisation with the aim of providing rhino with a safe environment.
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Die Flying Dutchmen – Thursday, 22nd July

Die Flying Dutchmen are returning to the Steak and Ale restaurant armed with their trademark wit and charm. Melt Sieberhagen and Hannes Brümmer have established themselves during the past year as the top exports of a new generation of Afrikaans comedians. True pioneers that transpose the Afrikaans story-and joke telling traditions to the uncensored world of stand-up comedy.

Warning: Die Flying Dutchmen is a show that shouldn’t be tackled sober, with a clean conscience or with an affinity for holy cows.
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Mandela Day – Sunday, 18th July

Ok, so this is not a traditional event but I thought it would be worthwhile mentioning. Mandela Day is an initiative following in the very successful footsteps of the 46664 celebrations which not only sees people remembering the struggles against social injustice but also attempts to enlighten people as to the large difference a single person can make. The team thought of a few novel ways to spend the day – from picnics at Zoo Lake to arranging collections for those in need – it’s a brilliant initiative.
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Jen Tile: Straight out of Norwood

The Prince of pathetic

You would think someone whose music career is down the tubes would embrace technology and try and introduce his music to a whole new generation. Prince/Symbol/The Artist Formerly known as Prince has opted not to go online, and has gone as far as banning websites set up by fans for using unauthorised images of his live shows.

I can understand artists being concerned about music piracy, but given that the world has all but forgotten this rather bizarre muso perhaps he should consider launching an online presence? The web is filled with nutters, weirdos, conspiracy theorists and people the rest of society would rather avoid – Prince would fit right in.

He claims that the internet is “completely over” and “outdated”. So Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook co-founder) and Mark Shuttleworth are fools for focussing their business efforts online? Who do you trust – people who have built empires or a singer with bad hair who people last cared about in the eighties?

I totally get artists not wanting to have music or movies stolen from them, however this sad, angry dwarf has even gone so far as to have a home video of a child dancing to one of his songs on YouTube pulled from the site because it infringed copyright. What an awesome way to treat fans. What’s next? Why not just have his bodyguards beat up fans. Oh wait, he’s done that already.

Why are Miley Virus and Justin Bieber so popular? They are the musical equivalent of being hit in the head with a hammer but they have fans (I weep for the youth of today). They tweet, have blogs, websites, photos on Flickr, videos on Youtube and Facebook profiles. If anything we are seeing too much of them – particularly Miley, who mistakenly thought she was wearing underwear at a recent event.

If people who can’t write their own lyrics and sing bland songs that are about as intellectual as Julius can have hit CD’s, surely a talented, albeit strange, guy like Prince could join the rest of us and use technology to his advantage?

Sorry Prince, the internet is not outdated. You on the other hand….

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