What we learned in 2009

What we learned in 2009

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Below is a list of lessons that some of our readers learned in 2009.

I learnt so much this year – mostly about being ok with being me and being alone.
I actually made friends with myself and realized I can be quite a likeable person.
I learnt patience and realized how much better people responded to me when I exercised it.
I discovered compassion deep in my heart, this little emotion that always hid behind closed doors and was too scared to peep out in case she was mistaken for insecurity or vulnerability.
I learnt that old people were once young.
I learnt how to be like a kid again and enjoy each moment for what it is.
I learnt how to fly – really. I jumped out of a plane – and wished I could fly.
I stayed on a yacht for a weekend and realized that life is more about who you know that what you earn.
I lived in a hotel for 3 months and discovered that I could live out of a suitcase and have no home and be perfectly ok.
I learnt how to change diapers and soothe a baby to sleep and that when there is a little person around nothing else matters.
I experienced life in a new country and adapted to a new culture.
I survived a broken heart and realized what it means to really love someone.
I tried different foods, I tried new recipes – some flopped, some succeeded.
I became more assertive, an assertiveness that doesn’t need to be accompanied with nasty words.
I overcame boredom – I actually enjoy being bored now as these moments are far and few between and allow you to digest all that has happened I learnt to trust in God — and then I took back all my problems.
Stories are a big part of our lives and they are what tie us together and what we pass along from generation to generation and I am so looking forward to making more stories in 2010!
Truth’s once faced, are the best things to assist us in going forward and becoming overcomes.
Peace is the most important element for all humans occupying the universe.
Leave the past as yesterday – today is a gift and tomorrow a complete surprise.
No matter what some others think of you, you cannot change their beliefs and sometimes you will never be good enough for them and these are the people whose opinions should not matter as much to you.
Read the signs that come your way, the signs are there for a reason.
Our health is the most important thing we can have!
Growing old takes lots of positive courage.
Have an attitude of gratitude.
Say only nice things – otherwise shut up!
Learn to say ‘No’ and walk away.
You are never too old to learn!
I should never take the life I lead for granted.
I am a strong person even when things get really bad, I have the strength to pull through.
A change is a good as a holiday, no matter how scary that change may be.
Good friends are hard to find.
I have learnt to move on and let go of relationships when your lives have drifted too far to connect any longer.
To be thankful for my job, it is not permanent.
To be thankful for my children, and their health
To be thankful for my house, even though I owe
To be thankful for my health, even the fat!
To be thankful, my just being thankful
Even if you have worked for a company for 8 years you are not indispensable.
Perseverance always pays in the end.

No matter how cross you are with a person, if they smile at you, you will forgive them.
I really love the people I work with.
The more you give the more you get back.
Friends and laughter are the best medicine for depression.

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