What You Need To Know About Impello And Suits & Sneakers

If you need a pep talk to get that business brain of yours firing, then we have to introduce you to our friends at Suits & Sneakers – they’ll get you inspired in no time. 

They call it the university of the future. Suits & Sneakers is a networking, mentoring and workshop type of event, which is laid-back yet serious at the same time – hence the name, Suits & Sneakers. It’s all about human development hosted by guest speakers who have worn out more than their fair share of sneakers climbing the corporate ladder.

Suits & Sneakers also runs Impello, a collaborative work space with a core focus that extends beyond the desk. The idea behind Impello is to foster the entrepreneur of tomorrow, today. To do so they have launched a series of seminars called Ignite. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the South African economy yet many can’t get off the ground because they lack the skills and resources to get going, especially in this tough economic climate. With this in mind, Impello wants to foster entrepreneurship and incubation in a tangible way by creating a small business university and co-working space. They believe it’s no longer good enough to just teach people how to fish; Impello wants to go one step further and give people the fishing rod.  They have one guest speaker per event, sharing thought leadership around their selected topics.

The brand-new monthly learning event also aims to raise funds for small businesses in South Africa. Every ticket sold to an Ignite event not only grants access to a wealth of knowledge, but also funds their incubation hub where small business owners can go to learn and operate from. All elements of these events are sponsored, which means all proceeds of each event goes toward funding incubation. The Ignite events are brought to you by Suits & Sneakers and the Impello co-working space.

At the time of writing, 450 out of 550 tickets have been sold for the upcoming November 2017 Suits & Sneakers event. Here are the details.

When is it?

Thursday, 16 November 2017, 18h00 for 18h30. 

Where is it? 

The Park – House of Events on 7 in Hyde Park Corner.


Stafford Masie (ex CEO of Google SA), John Vlismas (SA Comedian) and Mark Sham (founder of Suits & Sneakers).



Here’s a look at the previous Suits & Sneakers event, which took place in May 2017:

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