When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…

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Pizza should count as its own food group. It’s a versatile meal – students use cold slices to cure hangovers; for some the toppings may well be the only vegetables they eat while others enjoy mixing it up and trying wild flavours.

An archaeological dig once showed that Roman soldiers ate Pizza so clearly it is a meal of conquest. If it was good enough for the Romans, it’s good enough for the Joburg team. Have a look at some eateries in Joburg that offer top notch pizzas. Some are traditional complete with Italian staff, some have given their meals a South African twist. We think you should visit them all.

Randpark Ridge Shopping Centre
Randpark Drive, Randpark Ridge
+27 11-7921722

Angelo’s is a small pizzeria in Randpark Ridge and is one you should visit some time. It’s a small, quaint eatery with friendly staff, efficient service, reasonable prices and a well stocked bar should you wish to get your nose wet. Despite its small size, the restaurant has an extensive and imaginative pizza menu. The fussy and adventurous eater alike will find something to enjoy. Thin and crispy bases are topped with an array of often unlikely ingredients. Angelo’s are also cheaper than many other pizzerias. I recommend using the cash you save on food to buy a jug or two of sangria (and maybe some headache pills for the next day.)


126 Harry Street
+2711 680 1819

If you live in Joburg South and have never been to Gino’s you have been missing out – big time! For over two decades Gino’s has been dishing up some of the best cuisine in Gauteng at prices that are substantially lower than other eateries. Whether you opt for a tender cut of veal, a vegetarian lasagne or spare rib pizza, you will struggle to find a dish you do not enjoy. Their pizzas have a thin base and they are not shy with toppings. They also have loads of extras that you can add on. The chourico sausage pizza is awesome, I highly recommend it and would even suggest you opt to make it a calzone. If you are taking a few clients to lunch or perhaps want to save a bit on a big family meal then Gino’s should be at the top of your list of places to try.

+27 11 511 2223

There are not many pizza places at Montecasino but this one is the most reasonable – some of the others charge R70 and more for fairly basic pizzas! Mastrantonio
don’t have an extensive menu but the pizzas they do offer are tasty and filled with delicious toppings, though the quarto formaggi could use a bit more gorgonzola. They offer a bit of everything from pizzas and pastas to grills and breakfasts. It’s also a great place to engage in people watching as its location allows you to get a good view of sock-and-sandal wearing tourists take photos of EVERYTHING!


Col’Cacchio sits on the more expensive side of the Italian food/pizza scale – but it sure is worth it! The World Wear branch is my family’s regular haunt, not only because of the food, but also because of the fantastic owners and staff. We love the range of pizza’s, and the fact that you can make your own using so many fabulous ingredients (not just the old pineapple/ham/mushroom combo). My kids and spouse are the pizza fundi’s, whilst I usually have my regular pasta, Funghi Bianco with penne. If I had to pick a pizza, I would order the Juventino whilst my hubby would probably recommend Da Terra. You can also have the best of both worlds by ordering half and half. Salad lovers should try the Pera salad – stunning! And because you will return again and again (you know you will!) they also offer a loyalty card where you can get R70 off your fifth meal, or R140 off your tenth (minimum R210 spend). Download their menu or find your nearest Col’Cacchio’s branch here

231 Beyers Naude Drive
+27 11 678 0042

We could not write a pizza feature with mentioning Lucio’s in Northcliff. At first glance there does not seem to be anything spectacular about this unassuming eatery on Beyers Naude. It’s only once you sit down and began to sample dishes on the menu that you begin to see why this place has been packed out every weekend for decades. Their repeat business is due to a number of factors. Firstly, they are an unpretentious eatery. The ambience is relaxed making it a great place for a birthday and first date alike. Secondly, they offer value for money. Nobody likes to go into years of debt because of a meal. And most importantly, Lucio’s serve up food that patrons enjoy. You will be hard pressed to find too many negative reviews, in fact, the phrase “best pizza in town” is often used. They also make a mean jug of sangria you won’t soon forget (or will if you drink many of them.)

Pizza Quickies

Cat’s Pyjamas

+27 11 726 8596
We have featured them before (all night eateries) but their pizzas are fabulous. The bases are a bit on the thick side so it might be a good idea to order a smaller pizza.

Primi Piatti
Thin bases and unique toppings. They offer a pizza called “The Bomb” – it contains smoked salmon and crème frappe.

Pano’s Diner
+27 11 869 7540
This is far from a traditional Italian eatery but if you have a big appetite Pano’s is the place to go. Giant pizzas and burgers the size of Hulk Hogan’s bicep are what patrons can expect.

What are your favourite pizza places?

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