Where Time Flies

Where Time Flies

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They were already there when we arrived. We knew by the number of motorbikes parked outside. Inside, tables had been linked together as they tucked into their breakfast – both solid and liquid. The Bikers were at the Harvard Cafe at Rand Airport!

There was something in the way that they walked – piercing eyed, lean-hipped, wide-shouldered, leather jackets festooned with badges and designs – that even the tables and chairs gave way before them. The men were quite impressive too!

Now, why is it that some women can never leave well alone? Whilst we were sitting at our table, with eyes respectfully downcast, my daughter was on the verandah outside. She was chatting to a group of the bikers and persuading them to let me take a photograph of her, in her leather jacket, with them, in their leather jackets!

Actually it was huge fun, and what a great bunch of people. I shall never forget how I asked them to do things, and they obeyed!

The Harvard Cafe –‘where time flies’ – sits close to the runway and on the edge of the apron and taxi path. On a good day, or evening, the place to sit is outside, under the large umbrellas, watching and listening to planes taking off, landing, and taxiing past. Inside, there are large screen TVs, so if there is a sporting event on you can keep an eye on it as well. It has an open and friendly atmosphere, and we enjoyed the food and the service. For young children a play area with a jungle gym is within sight.

Although both our visits have been for a Brunch, they have a good restaurant menu, and also offer conference facilities with catering included. On Saturdays and Sundays a buffet breakfast is available, whilst on Mondays and Tuesdays they have half-price offers on Pizza’s and Pastas respectively.

As an added attraction you can arrange for a special flight – and what could be more exciting than open-cockpit flying in a Tiger Moth! A bi-plane that was first produced in the 1930s, they were operated by the RAF as primary trainers, and remained in service with them until 1952. Tiger Moths are still in great demand world-wide for recreational purposes.

With our climate it is wonderful to have places to which to go, where one can sit outside, through the day as well as in the evenings. This is one of them, and with a very different outlook. Being close to the N3 it is easy to get to – it took us about 25 minutes from the North-Eastern suburbs. Be aware, though, that the construction work taking place on some of the highways can cause delays. Parking is plentiful, with a security controlled entrance and exit. Their website is informative and worth browsing.

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