The Whippet Will Soon Call Melville Their Second Home!

Melville, get ready! The Whippet Coffee will soon be opening their second store in the heart of trendy Melville to spread the love, good food, great coffee and happiness!

Have You Heard?

We all know and love this popular hot spot in the heart of Linden. And they have some amazing news they’d love to share with those who enjoy the Melville scene. Get ready, because The Whippet Coffee will soon be opening the doors to it’s second store – their first harvest store – in Melville! After years of planning, they’ll be sharing the love, good food and amazing coffee in trendy, lively and hip suburb. And we can already tell you that this new Melville store is going to be a stunner!

There’s no set date as to when this brand-new store will be opening, so make sure you follow them on social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – to get the latest updates.

A Little Bit About The Whippet 

If you haven’t been to The Whippet in Linden, you’re certainly missing out! This is the place to be when visiting this lovely, leafy and friendly suburb. The Whippet believes in four unique elements:

Their passion for coffee Coffee is a sit down moment with those you love and work with. Here, they source only the best beans, roasted by the best roasters and then blended and made with a lot of passion and love by some of the best baristas in the city. Don’t believe us? Go try it out!

Their passion for food Great food, fresh ingredients, amazing flavours. What more do you need for a great dish? They believe in creating amazing food that’s great to share or simply great to indulge in.

Their passion for people – Their staff are well looked after and this coffee shop is one of the first companies in the industry to offer staff funeral, disability and life cover. They want to change the way South Africa does business.

Their passion for design and architecture – The shop’s designs are inspired by the neighbourhood’s people and their history – not a single store looks the same, because no neighbourhood is the same.

Keep An Eye Out For New Vegan & Vegetarian Additions 

The Whippet Coffee is always getting creative and innovative with their menu! They released a Summer 2018 menu, and quite soon, they’ll be launching some delicious new vegan and vegetarian options to delight the palates of those who prefer a more plant-based diet. Keep an eye out on social media to find out when these dishes will be making their grand appearance (Instagram suggests this week – sometime after 28 January 2019).

For More Information

For more information about The Whippet Coffee, visit their website at

You can also contact the on 061 512 1373 or

Don’t forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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