Who runs out of a beer at a rugby match?

Who runs out of a beer at a rugby match?

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I think the universe is telling me to quit drinking beer. You see, I was at the Cokefest when they ran out of Coke and Beer; I was at the Killers concert where they ran out of plastic cups for beer; and on Saturday, along with 94 000 people, I was unable to get beer at FN Soccer City (not sure that is the correct name).

We arrived four hours before kick-off, leaving plenty of time to get through queues, grab some snacks and drinks and get to our seats before the game started. To commemorate John Smith’s 100th test match, Castle Lager handed out vouchers so that patrons could raise a toast to one of the finest to have ever played the game.

Great idea, if only they had not run out of beer before kick-off. But it was not only beer. Bottled water stocks had also run out by half time. All I can put this down to is shoddy organisation.

For starters, the not all of the bar and snack stands were open. Now explain the logic to me – there were as many people at the rugby match as there were for soccer games, so surely you should provide the same catering. There were three people behind the counter we stood at, and hundreds of people waiting to be served. They ran out of change, but it did not matter because they ran out of beer as well.

For safety reasons, cans are not allowed to be taken into the stadiums. Patrons have to decant the contents of their cans into plastic cups. Logic then follows that for every can you should have a plastic cup (seems a bit wasteful and certainly not very “green”). So can anyone tell me why they ran out of plastic cups as well?

The circus did not end there. Once again, I shall be patronising and paint a picture so that dim-witted organisers can understand this. At big sporting events, people’s arrivals are staggered over several hours, but most people tend to leave straight after the game ie. At the same time (just in case you are as slow as the organisers). So it is after the big game that you need traffic control the most.

I did spot a few Metro Police Vehicles, but they were not situated at every car park. In fact, there were more Police vehicles miles away from the stadium than outside. There were no marshals guiding cars out the car parks. I think I know why. Either they were stationed so far away from the action because they did not feel like working; or because standing by Southgate Mall meant they were closer to fast food outlets.

Once again, I am guessing that fingers will be pointed and blame laid somewhere else, but no one will own up and say, “Sorry”. Big Concerts do it with every event they ruin, so I don’t anticipate Castle, SARU, FNB Stadium Management or anyone who in some way is involved taking responsibility.

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