Why choose Equal Zeal

Why choose Equal Zeal

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The Equal Zeal System was conceptualised to provide valuable life tools for a generation of children growing up in an age of advancements like no other. Today’s kids are dealing with a range of issues that kids of the past didn’t have to face until adulthood.

Take a mental snapshot of your childhood before the global village connected us all in real-time to the rest of the world. Okay, re-focus and take a snapshot of the world today through the eyes of your child. “Wow!” right? Now try to imagine how young minds today make sense of what they see and hear. It can’t be easy, especially when we as adults sometimes struggle to make sense of our own world!

Equal Zeal believes there are 3 key ingredients for success. They are happiness, inspiration & motivation. If your child is not feeling happy, inspired or motivated they are more likely to turn to destructive influences. Our self development programmes, workshops and resources can inspire and motivate your kids to create happiness in their lives and to give them a robust foundation to build on as they grow!

Equal Zeal offers modern lifestyle solutions such as:

Children’s self development workshops & coaching
Family programmes
Parent workshops and seminars
Corporate workshops
Networking events
School based programmes
Extra-mural programmes
Motivational resources
Books & CD’s

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