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Local rock band Wickhead announced that on Wednesday, 4th of July 2007, they will be relocating to Los Angeles and announced the signing of an independent American distribution deal with Mozambique Records. 2006 ended with Wickhead as the proud recipients of two Los Angeles Independent Music Awards. They won Album of the Year for ‘A Crush On Revelation’ in the category of hard rock as well as Single of the Year for ‘Bright Lights Boulevard’ in the same category. The band has now been issued with their American performance visas which will see them relocating to Los Angeles for two years.

2007 kicked off to an amazing start with the release of their new EP, ‘Sexita Chiquita’ which has received rave reviews nationwide. The first single, ‘Bittersweet Farewells’ has been well received on all national radio and a video to support the single was shot this weekend by renowned production company, Terraplane. The same company that was responsible for Wickhead’s ‘Unplug’ music video that was accepted to be part of the DigiChannel.net Digi Festival in Florence, Milan.

Wickhead has now been issued with their American performance visas which will see them relocating to Los Angeles for two years to perform and support the distribution deal. Mozambique Records was recently formed by Eric McClure, who has signed the band for distribution in the US.

Eric McClure has worked in the entertainment-marketing industry for over 25 years. He has worked as a staff writer and producer for Kenny Rogers Productions at Lion Share Recording Studios in Beverly Hills, written for Motown, and engineered at dozens of studios in the US, Germany and Holland. As a performer, he has worked with: Kenny Rogers, David Foster, George Martin, Humberto Gatica, Michael Omartian, Richard Marks, The Babys, Deep Purple, Dolly Parton, The Tubes, Jermain Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Kin Vassy, Robbie Long, and Les Paul to name a few.

Milestones in Eric’s career include his participation in the recording of ‘We Are the World’, his performance in ‘Hands Across America;’ co-writing ‘Wild Horses’ with Kenny Rogers, and writing a #1 hit single for Japanese superstar, Kawai Naoko. Eric’s combined backgrounds underscore his ability to execute proficiently and professionally in both the entertainment industry and the corporate world.

Band manager, Clint McKeon says, ‘America has always seemed to be the logical first step for Wickhead, and we’re very excited that the band has been presented with such a good opportunity. Wickhead will continue to be managed by Authentic Ideas and we’ll keep all South African fans up to date with the band’s achievements over the waters.’

Wickhead aims to record between August and November in Los Angeles to finish their first international debut CD. Promotions in South Africa will continue for their existing releases including the EP, Sexita Chiquita, their DVD – live at Woodstock, their music videos, live album and forthcoming unplugged album. The international debut will be released simultaneously in South Africa at the end of the year.

Wickhead will return to South Africa to perform at the esteemed Woodstock 9 Music and Lifestyle Festival in Harrismith at the end of November and will thereafter complete a three week national tour. After spending Christmas with their families the band plans to blast off 2008 with a storming New Year’s show and return to Los Angeles to continue their hard work.

Wickhead’s last performances until their departure are listed below:

Wednesday, 27th of June: The Blues Room Unplugged. (To be filmed and recorded for future release.) R50 entrance. Limited space. Get there early. Doors open at 20h00.

Saturday, 30th of June: Zeplins – Sun to Moon Festival – three stages, many bands. Pretoria City.

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