Wildeklawer Sweet Onion

Wildeklawer Sweet Onion

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Originating in Italy, the sweet onion is taking the culinary world by storm – and it’s no wonder.

No Tears:

Convenient to use, with no tears, even if you grate it.

Sweeter, Milder Taste:

Delicious in salads, on sandwiches, and on burgers. Even suitable for those who normally can’t “take” onions.


One small Wildeklawer sweet onion has all the goodness of a portion of vegetables. It’s fat free, high in fibre, natural sugar, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and Vitamin C.


As sweet onions still burst with all the wonderful onion flavour we love so much, it can be used in all dishes for which we have always used other onions.

The Wildeklawer Onion Family

– Peeled Onions

– Pickled Onions

– Brown Onions

– Red Onions (although red onions are slightly less strong than normal brown onions they still are not sweet and WILL make you cry. To make sure that Wildeklawer Sweet Onions really are mild and sweet, internationally stadardised tests are conducted on a regular basis to test the pungency levels of the onions. Towards the end of the season in February and March, pungency levels do go up slightly but fortunately in October the new season Wildeklawer onions are available again).

– Sweet Onion


If the thought of winning R10 000 cash excites you, then enter the Wildeklawer Sweet Onion competition. This competition, exclusive to Joburg.co.za subscribers, closes on Friday, 9th of February 2007, so be sure to get your recipes in on time. To enter, submit an original recipe that uses Wildeklawer Sweet Onions as one of the ingredients. Our panel of judges (which includes Executive Chefs) will review the recipes and select six finalists, each of whom will win R500 in cash. The six dishes will then be cooked by Executive Chef Raymond Rundle and his brigade at the Grace Hotel in Rosebank before our panel of judges selects the R10 000 winning recipe.

How To Enter

To be eligible for entry, participants should submit an original recipe using Wildeklawer Sweet Onions as one of the ingredients. In addition, each recipe serving should provide no more than 2-4 servings and be easily prepared in a home kitchen.

The recipe can be a side dish, main dish, salad, dessert, soup, sauce, dip – anything showing the true flavour and versatility of Wildeklawer Sweet Onion.

By submitting a recipe into the competition, you agree to the rules.

Send your recipe to one of the following addresses to be received by the judges on or before Friday, 9th of February 2007:

– By post: send your typed recipe along with your name, complete address, phone number (including area code), place of employment and date of birth in an envelope with proper postage affixed to: Wildeklawer Sweet Onion, c/o Piquant, P O Box 82663, Southdale, 2135.

– By Email: to piquantpromotions@mweb.co.za with your name, complete address, phone number (including area code), place of employment and date of birth.

– By Fax: to 086 671 1629 with your name, complete address, phone number (including area code), place of employment and date of birth.

You may submit as many entries as you like however, each entry should be entered separately.

Wildeklawer Sweet Onion is available at:

– Your local fruit and vegetable supplier

– Woolworths

– Selected Shoprites

– Checkers

– Checkers Hyper

– Pick ‘n Pay

– Hyper Markets

– RSA and Botha

– Roodt

If the stores in your area don’t have Wildeklawer Sweet Onion, do ask them to make it available. They can find Wildeklawer Sweet Onion at the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market.

The Judging

The panel of judges will select six recipes from all the entries received. Five entries will each win R500 in cash and the winner will receive R10 000 in cash.

Potential winners will be notified by telephone, mail and/or email.

Each of the six finalist’s dishes will be cooked by Executive Chef Raymond Rundle and his brigade at the Grace Hotel, Rosebank.

The winner will be determined by a panel of guest judges, including Executive Chefs.

The date of this event will be determined at a later stage and each of the six finalists will be informed telephonically on which day the cooking of the dishes will take place.

The winner will be called on that day to confirm his / her entry has won R10 000 in cash.

Rules and Regulations

The competition can only be entered by legal residents of South Africa.

No director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant or anybody associated with organising this competition and any spouse, life partner, direct family member such as a brother, sister, business partner or associate is eligible to participate in this competition.

This competition runs from 5th December 2006 to 9th February 2007.

By participating in this competition, all entrants agree to be bound by these rules and the Organiser’s decision regarding any matter regarding the competition shall be final and binding.

The prize-winner, by accepting the prize, assigns all rights to the Organiser to publish his/her name and photograph in any promotion, print, and point of sale or public relations material. The prize-winner may also be required to appear and be identified in or on national or regional media at no fee.

All entrants and the winner indemnify the Organiser, its affiliates and associated companies against any and all claims howsoever arising.

The Organiser reserves the right to alter or cancel the competition as its discretion. In the event of such cancellation or alteration, all entrants and the winners shall waive any right they may have against the Organiser, its affiliates or associated companies.

The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Prize

Each of the five finalists will received R500 in cash and the winner will receive R10 000.

(These amounts will be transferred directly into the bank account of each person – the account must be in their name).


Roasted Onion Bruschetta with Avocado and Chilli


– 500g flour

– 300g lukewarm water

– 10g yeast

– 10g salt

– 10g sugar

– 30ml oil

– 200g sweet onions, sliced and sautéed


– Place all the dry ingredients into a large bowl

– Add the onions and mix well

– Pour in the water and mix into a soft, pliable dough

– Leave to rise till double in size and then punch down

– Form into a long cylinder and place onto a greased baking tray

– Bake at 190°C till crisp

– Leave to cool and then slice into half cm slices

– Brush with olive oil and toast on both sides until golden

– Top with avocado and chilli relish

Avocado and Chilli Relish

– 2 ripe avocado, cut into small blocks

– 60ml lime juice

– 1 chilli chopped

– 60g basil, chopped finely

– 10ml olive oil

– Salt to season


– Place a spoonful of avocado relish on the warm bruschetta

– Garnish with basil

– Serve

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