Win tickets to RAMfest

Win tickets to RAMfest

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RAMfest is proud to present it`s very first one day festival at Emmerentia Dam. This not-to-be-missed festival will feature the likes of aKing and Die Heuwels Fantasties. Much excitement was created by the announcement that Chris Chameleon and BOO! will be reuniting for this festival.

Festival goers will also have a chance to see an exclusive SA performance by Pendulum (DJ set) and Verse. In addition to top acts on stage, there will be various stalls, arts and crafts market and water sports for you to enjoy.

Date: Saturday, 6th March form 12h00
Venue: Emmerentia Dam
Cost: R100 pre-sales, R150 at the gate

We have a double set of tickets to give away to one lucky reader. We don’t like complicated competitions where you have to buy an item, peel off the label, sms a bar code, wait for a reply, build a bonfire, send a smoke signal and jump through hoops just to enter a lucky draw. We prefer to keep things simple (mainly because we shun hard work).

If you would like to be entered into the draw, simply email Shaun and send him your name, telephone number and shoe size. We’re kidding about the shoe size.

Entries close on Wednesday, 3rd March 2010.

Jen Tile: Straight out of Norwood

The greatest thing about democracy is that we all get to vote. Ok, for me, the greatest thing about democracy is that I get to be opinionated and hide behind “Freedom of speech”.

As I was saying, it is a great thing that we all get to vote, and with this in mind I think Joburg readers should all have a chance to vote on a very pressing issue – who is the biggest celebrity plonker at the moment? Is it Tiger Woods, who managed to putt on many golf courses and now hopes that a public apology will make it all go away? What about Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller? He fancies himself a boxer, she is fond of getting high – are they great parents or what?

Here are a few additional candidates:

Joe Jackson
Ok, he is actually a nobody, but he did somehow spawn and possibly cause much mental anguish to 11 children. Michael Jackson’s father seemed to be slipping into obscurity where he belongs when the singer passed away. He has used this as an opportunity to promote new business ventures. At a tribute to his son, he asked a family spokesperson to read a prepared statement. After the statement was read, Joseph talked about his new hip-hop recording project. Classy guy.

Idols Judges
I lump them all in one category regardless of which country’s edition they are judging– if they know so much about singing, how come they have never had careers as recording artists? In the American version of the world’s biggest karaoke competition some of the guest judges have been successful singers. Katy Perry, Shania Twain and Avril Lavigne (none of whom are among my favourite performers but have at least done more than sing in the shower) had guest slots as judges. But what about the rest? Simon Cowell, our own Randall and Mara don’t have any big hit songs that come to mind. Big ego’s yes, big hits, NO!

Jonas Brothers
Remember when musicians were just that – musicians? It seems these Disney kids are into everything, from producing a clothing line to appearing in teen movies. Some would call them entrepreneurs, I would call them marginally talented. Would they need to sell their souls if they honestly believed they had a long term career as professional musicians?

Which celeb wins the biggest plonker award? Vote now!

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