The Windybrow Heritage House became a theatre in the late 1980s, however, when the surrounding neighbourhoods started to degenerate, the theatre started to struggle. In 2005, the Department of Arts and Culture declared the Windybrow Theatre a cultural institution and the new Windybrow Theatre was officially re-launched on 4 May 2006. The theatre today aims to facilitate cultural development in the arts and is known as the Windybrow Centre for the Arts. There are 3 main performance spaces: the Main theatre (250 seats), the Small theatre (60 seats), and a tiny 20-seat auditorium. It also has two rehearsal rooms. The drawing room of the original house has been converted into a pub. Another room has been converted into a coffee shop.

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The Windybrow theatre in Hillbrow has been around for a while. Windybrow was originally built by the the Randlords, wealthy entrepreneurs who controlled the diamond and gold mining industries. They built some of the most exuberant and extravagant mansions, of which the Windybrow Theatre in Hillbrow is a fine example.

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