Winter Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Check out these awesome winter fashion trends to look out for this season!

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads come and go, and just like clockwork it seems they’re here to keep us warm throughout winter. Whether you’re a thrift shop lover or you’re more into the current and hot, shoulder pads are rocking it for everyone. We particularly love this major blazer from Cotton On. The shoulder pads aren’t exaggerated but are noticeable enough to let the world know what’s up.

Scarf Prints

Flirty fashionistas, this trend is for you. From florals and bandanna prints to paisley hippy prints, it’s a thin line between bohemian and hipster. We absolutely love this floral babydoll dress from Mr Price. Pair this with a pair of grunge boots and you’ll be the talk of the town this season.

Rose Gold Jewellery 

Rose gold has been making waves in almost everything, from phones to jewellery. Have a look at Yellow Jewellery for simple and minimalist designs. Our favourite is the Wishbone necklace and earring set – it really is incredibly beautiful.


When you read silver, the first thing that probably comes to mind is jewellery, but this season silver will be the colour of choice for jackets, trousers, tops and dresses. If those items are bit too bold for you, ease into the look with a pair of ankle boots featuring the metallic colour. We’re lusting over these Mimosa metallic ankle boots from Top Shop.

Puffer Jackets

This trend is popping up in almost every winter collection that’s in stores now. We adore this look and we rate that Witchery absolutely nailed it with their mid-length puffer in petrol blue. It’s so bomb.

Shop for more winter trends at any one of these awesome local fashion boutiques in the city.

Know of other 2017 winter trends not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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