Wisey – Designed for Parents

Wisey – Designed for Parents

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We are all looking forward to the holidays after a long year of hard work and traffic jams!
Wisey’s innovative range of products will make it so much easier for parents while on holiday.

When travelling to your destination you can store all the toys and snacks for your toddler/baby in the multi pocketed Car Bag. The bag has transparent pockets to easily reach out and pull out whatever is necessary by the child without Mom having to stretch into all kinds of positions to satisfy a nagging child on a long road trip. The bag has two extra smart pockets; one for easy access to a drink for Mom and Dad and a detachable pocket used for diapers, wipes, wallet and bottle when stopping over for that needed break.
The entire bag folds into a carry bag with all necessities when you arrive at your destination.

Finally when you can relax on the beach Wisey has an award winning Play Mat Bag. Store your little one’s towel and change of clothing inside and open up into a mat when on the beach creating a clean, cool, sand-free place for little one to sit on. The outer shell is waterproof and the mat folds into a bag in 4 easy steps.

The irritation of dirty toys in the car is also over. Wisey’s Beach Accessory bag is made of stained plastic combined with mesh material on the sides. Cleaning toys has never been this easy; either dip the bag in water or rinse under a tap; water and sand will easily sift through. Smartly designed straps easily vary from back position to side position.

Not only does Wisey use recyclable materials for products and packaging, Wisey goes the extra mile.
Wisey believes that being green means above all consuming less!
Instead of buying more of the same or various products for a similar need, Wisey has brought forth a line of multi–tasking, super practical and economical products.

For your nearest stockist please contact Ronel on the details alongside.

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