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8 over 100 Club
Tuesday, 18th of March 2008

Ever wondered how you can help? Ever thought about how a “lot of littles” can make a big difference?

Well, you are invited to bring a friend of three or five (or more) and make a difference.

Get along for a cocktail and canapé and wonderful music at the first ever 8 over 100 club in support of W+MACA. (There will be 5 during 2008 – roughly every 8 weeks).

It’s simple really and you can make a BIG difference:

– You book, pay the R125.00 (the first R100 goes directly to W+MACA and the R25.00 towards real costs like security)

– You and your friends who have paid come directly after work and relax while networking with some fabulous people while listening to great music played by Luke Michals

Arrival drink and canapé comes with compliments from Arnold Tanzer and the wonderful brigade at Chefs on the Move.

Cash bar available for the next two hours.

Bring your business card – some fabulous prizes up for grabs.

So do it! …. Book right now! (Numbers are limited to 60 people).

Ps. The reason for the name 8 over 100 will be revealed on the night!

Date: Tuesday, 18th of March
Venue: Food on the Move, 45 Juta Close, Braamfontein
Time: 18h00 – 20h00
Cost: R125.00
Booking: Allison Smith on the address alongside (and you’ll get back confirmation and payment instruction)

Additional information:
Women & Men Against Child Abuse’s Kidz Clinics, established in 2000, 2003 and 2006 respectively, are one-stop facilities providing free medical and psychological treatment and court preparation for children who have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused. The clinics are situated in Boksburg, Alexandra and Orange Farm. This is in stark contrast to alternative options that involve protracted procedures that are very stressful to the child, and often produce unsatisfactory results and a low conviction rate, due to examination delays.

Many abused children are required to give evidence in a court of law. This experience can be very traumatic for an already traumatised child. At the Kidz Clinic children are prepared for this process by Court Preparation Facilitators. Another outstanding feature of the Kidz Clinic in Boksburg is a replica of a real-life courtroom, where abused children are introduced to court procedure in a non-threatening manner, and taught what will be expected of them.

All funds raised through the initiatives of “eight over a hundred” campaign will go towards the above mentioned programme dealing with Court Preparation.

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