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Most women will choose a magazine as we stand at the racks in our local grocery store or hypermarket. However, subscribing to Women Inc. Magazine is an investment – both in yourself and in your personal development.

Women Inc. Magazine is specifically targeted at the working woman. They provide a credible and substantial publication that is becoming an essential resource for women who are passionate about life and serious about business.

Women Inc. is offering a fantastic Christmas special. The regular subscription price is R89.75 per year. This gets you six issues per year. They are offering a Christmas special of R60 per subscription. And for those who want to purchase a subscription for a friend they are offering two subscriptions for R100!

About the Magazine

The magazine is made up of three components:-

1. Features

2. Serial articles

3. Regular items

The objectives of the Features are to inspire, challenge, instruct and identify. Our ambition is that every woman would see herself in one of the feature articles published in the magazine.

The Serial articles are the primary substance of the magazine. It is our ambition that these articles help women grow in particular developmental areas such as; conflict resolution, communication skills, entrepreneurship, personal effectiveness, professionalism and many more. The principle we pursue is one of building “principle upon principle”. Each issue becomes part of a collection of facts, principles, testimonies and personal applications for our readers to apply in their personal and occupational lives.

This magazine is not a magazine to read once and discard, but is a resource that you can return to time and time again, reinforcing the lessons learnt. I encourage you to take us up on our Christmas Special! We are offering a Christmas special of R60 per subscription and for those who want to purchase a subscription for a friend, we are offering two subscriptions for R100.

But wait there is more… every two months Women Inc. Magazine selects five subscribers who will win a Personal Development Series valued at R2560 per person. The personal development series covers the following:

“It’s OK” Workshop

This seminar assists women in acknowledging the current reality of their lives and gives principles of dealing with the obstacles and negative experiences in life.

Time Management Workshop

One of the most invaluable tools a woman can learn is to manage her time effectively. This workshop endeavours to help participants maximize their productivity by applying proven time management principles to their working environment.

Leadership 101

Every Woman subscribes to the philosophy that every woman can be a leader. This workshop covers the concepts of: self-leadership, the character of the leader, discipline in the life of a leader, teachability of a leader, attitude of a leader, and choosing to lead.

Effective Communication

As women participate in this workshop they will recognize their communication style and be given principles to better communication in the workplace.

Team Building

Each team member is responsible for building the rest of the team. First step in this process is to ensure that all concerned understand the different roles within a team. Secondly, we assist participants in identifying their particular role in a team and how to overcome obstacles in team interaction.

Conflict Resolution

A conflict ridden workspace can be an incredibly destructive force in any business. This workshop seeks to help participants face conflict, not with fear and aggression but rather with openness, honesty and constructiveness.


This workshop seeks to help individuals take personal ownership and responsibility for the organization/team and its success. Individuals are taught creativity and innovation fpr the 9 to 5 day.

To subscribe –visit their website, www.womeninc.biz and fill in the subscription form online or alternatively you can email: subscribe@womeninc.biz

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