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Located on the banks of the Crocodile River and in the midst of a world heritage site, The Cradle of humankind, Woodlands is the ideal place to unwind, recharge and re-connect with your soul.

Their new landmark centre is a living breathing space which has been designed to achieve a healthy vital environment which is conscious of nature, whilst promoting a balanced approach to caring for client’s body and soul.

Sulette from the Joburg.co.za team was thrilled to be given the opportunity to experience Woodlands first-hand. She says:

“Having had a particularly late night the evening before, I was ready for my treatment at Woodlands! I was, of course, slightly skeptical as to how a massage could revitalise a person – surely one feels so relaxed after having all their knots kneaded out and their muscles manipulated that they reach a state of total relaxation and all they want to do is sleep? Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I did, in fact, feel energised after my massage. There’s no better feeling than lying back, closing your eyes, and knowing you’re in the capable hands of an experienced massage therapist.”

When one experiences the new Woodlands Centre for Wellbeing and Spa, designed architect Georg van Gass of W Design Architecture Studio, the senses are provoked by a multiplicity of subtle stimulus. As one enters the new spa a faint smell of incense stimulates the olfactory senses, and as one runs ones fingers along the surface of the adjacent wall, the rough, earthy texture massages the fingertips. Upon closer inspection, the same shimmering green aggregate native to the site is delicately imbedded within the plaster.

Some of the most therapeutic and highly experiential areas of the new spa are the water treatment spaces, which consist of a steam room, therapy showers, brine flotation room, and hot and cold Roman baths. Each room expresses its own character based on the treatment offered, and as a sequence, the rooms offer varying degrees of connectivity to the self and nature.

The architecture of the Woodlands spa is not overstated with modern chic or smattered with ethnic imagery. The architecture’s main purpose is clear: to enhance the therapeutic experience while treading lightly on its surroundings. The structures and landscaping have contemporary grace, which is reflected in the clean lines and reined spaces, while at the same time remaining respectful towards the landscape.

Woodlands Centre is in the business of pursuing self empowerment, stimulating creativity and providing a space for business meetings and events with a conscience.

The philosophy of their centre is based upon the principles and practices of holistic alternative medicine integrated with western medicine and natural healing traditions, brought to clients by a team of professionals. They offer a service extended with dedication, care and guidance.

Spa details:
– Hands-on professional team of consultants which include a medical doctor, social worker, and highly skilled team of therapists.
– Signature Treatment: our life changing 6 and 12 week Holistic Health programmes offered in a safe, compassionate and judgment free environment.
– Facilities: 8 glass enclosed treatment rooms
– Luxury couple suite
– Crystal steam room
– Aromatic Therapy showers
– Flotation Room
– Hot and Cold jetted pools
– Business meeting space
– Yoga / TAI Chi and Pilates
– Indigenous gardens which include a labyrinth and medicinal herb garden
– Woodlands River Café

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