Worker’s Day: How To Create Office Culture

On 1 May each year South Africa celebrates Worker’s Day as a public holiday. The origins of the day are based on historical struggles workers and their trade unions had to endure under the Apartheid government. As a way of commemorating workers everywhere, we decided to write a piece on creating office culture – because if workers don’t love where they work, they can never say “I love my job!”.

Workers' Day

Create Incentives

You know how in school you had an extra urge to do certain assignments and tasks because you wanted that gold star or wanted to graduate cum laude at the end of it all? Well, in the working world, getting a salary at the end of the month isn’t always enough incentive to finish tasks – especially because not everyone gets their dream job. So it’s great to create fun incentives for everyone to work towards. It can be anything from a half day to a free lunch, whatever to have the team geared up to perform at their optimum.

Celebrate Special Occasions

Everyone wants to be feel special on their birthday and it’s wonderful when co-workers surprise the birthday boy or girl with a cake, flowers and maybe even a birthday song while they’re at it. Celebrating each other’s lives really makes us feel appreciated – this makes us feel valued which creates positive outcomes for the work we do. Not only birthdays are important though, even April Fools’, Valentine’s Day and others should be celebrated by the office. You can even create fun costume competitions to encourage a good turn out.

Team Building Programmes

For your team to feel like a team, you have to do activities as a team. It can be anything from having someone come in monthly giving tips on improving productivity or self-image, to team outings or team lunches. Let’s face it, we spend most of our day and time at work, so its great to build bonds between team members and have the team getting along as best as they can. This also helps create a positive environment where people feel comfortable with each other, making their work ethic better and the brand’s image stronger – because competitors are always watching…

Creative Office Space

Speaking of a positive environment, sometimes a few design changes in the physical space can go a long way. So go ahead and Feng Shui your office space! Think of your office wall colours, desks, stationery, plants and even kitchen utensils and appliances. When a space looks physically appealing to the eye, chances of wanting to work in that space increase. Doesn’t matter who you are but if you have a stunning pot plant in your point-of-view and a matching stationery set on your desk – you’re likely to enjoy working more than someone looking at a grey wall in front of them.

Make Room For Fun!

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – remember that from primary school? Often the importance of play is underestimated especially at work and specifically when deadlines have to be met. But every once in a while people need to crack a joke and laugh till they’re in stitches. Sure work shouldn’t be all fun and games or else we’d all be out of jobs, but if you don’t have space to laugh out loud at least once a day in your office, then maybe you need to take everyone on a team building programme, emphasising the importance of play. We’re all human, not robots, laugh a bit!

By Cleopatra Shava

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