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Do you work for money or does your money work for you? Do you have the frame of mind that will lead to creating millions of Rands, or are you being held back by limiting beliefs about money and wealth? Would you like to have the knowledge to invest wisely, profitably and efficiently? Would you like to become part of the 1% of people who are financially independent now or at retirement?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to most of the above questions, then you would be very interested in the new revolutionary Xenco Financial Intelligence course, which begins in February 2006. Xenium – financial advisors and stock brokers have teamed up with Inner Coaching – leaders in Neuro-Semantic coaching and training to offer the course.

The Xenco Financial Intelligence course is a year-long specialized education programme where delegates walk away with the knowledge of how to make money work for them, together with the mindset of a millionaire and the ability to close the knowing-doing gap. Delegates actually receive up to R200 000 per team in capital to invest in the investment of their choice, thereby encouraging them to apply what they learn immediately.

“Not only do we teach the delegates about the frames of mind needed to become wealthy and about investments like property, business and the stock market, we also give them the money to actually invest,” points out Izan De Bruin, CEO of Xenium.

Research from leaders in the field of financial independence include, Dr Michael Hall (Mastering your Wealth Matrix Training), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and Suze Orman (one of the most successful new generation financial gurus).

“The soft skills needed to become a Millionaire are as critical, if not more important than the investment theory needed. We aim to teach people the key principles of the wealthy, without them having to do all the years of research themselves,” says Telana Simpson, Principle Coach and MD of Inner Coaching.

“Those who master these principles should become financially stable within the year, financially independent within a few years, and totally financially free within a decade.”

The Xenco Financial Intelligence course is an after hours course which starts in February 2006 and ends in November. Open evenings are being held in November, December and January.

For further information, or to book an interview Contact Izan de Bruin of Xenium and Telana Simpson of Inner Coaching on +27 11 706 6873 or +27 83 730 2979 or +27 11 888 8544.

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