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Financial future

Achieve financial independence, optimize your returns on investments, and invest in the most profitable segments of the markets. Become wealthy and retire early.

StockMarket opportunities

Achieve phenomenal returns like:

Anglo American Plc – 220% in three years
Anglo Platinum Ltd – 360% in three years
MTN – 200% in three years
Basil Read – 1400% in three years

Future Value Possibilities:

An initial investment of R50,000 plus monthly contribution of R500 with an average growth of 45%, compounded monthly, will grow to R4,777,091 in 10 years and R47,793,647 in 15 years.

How do we reach your financial independence?

Stock market Education. Take the first step in becoming a millionaire and more
Learn to determine between good and bad shares. Why the oil price is rising. Predict future market movements. Utilise graphical tools to get your buying and selling timing right. What is fair value.
Read the newspaper price page.

What you get
Full course consisting of 30 chapters in 500 pages of theory.
Simulated live trading in shares
Stock market and financial dictionary.
Open your account with a stockbroker
Full phone in help facility During office hours.
Personalised Lectures as it is the best way to learn, in major South African cities.
Current and Historic financial info on all listed companies; from financial statements to news and dividends, directors, contact details, business description etc.

Free stock market software (technical and fundamental analysis) among the most advanced in South Africa.(only monthly download will apply)

Free portfolio management for 6 months by experienced stockbroker and asset manager. (minimum of R 20000)

The costs
Normal retail prices R10 000 to R 12 000
The total package for only R 1710 inclusive of VAT.
Note: A download fee for software updates is applicable
Xenium has cut out the middle man, and excess costs. Got huge sponsorships.
Limited availability (Limited number of students are sponsored) ACT NOW

Dates and times
Lecture dates and venues to be confirmed.
Within the next 6-8 weeks.

For more information, please contact the details alongside.
Enrollment can be done on the website alongside.

How to enroll
Payment either EFT or Credit card.

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