Yiannis Ploutarhos Live at Emperors Palace

Yiannis Ploutarhos Live at Emperors Palace

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Influenced from an early age by the traditional folk songs of Greece, Yiannis Ploutarhos’ rise to Greek stardom took less than two years, when his second album reached triple-platinum status.

Born in a small village lost in the middle of the agricultural zone of central Greece and when all signs showed that Yiannis will inherit the lands and become a farmer, this young man had different dreams, every time he sang in the churches or on the main square of his homeland during weddings and other festivities of his community.

Believing in destiny, Yiannis took a trip to the capital city, Athens.

As he was married with children, he first started off as a hairdresser, to make sure he could secure his family, while at night he performed in a small Athenian music hall. One day his luck turned when producers from EMI Greece went to see and hear him. 2 years later; his first album was on the shelves. Golden status.

He released his second album, a year later, and his rise to stardom began.

In four years, Yannis Ploutarhos released four albums all reaching multiplatinum status. He is also the bearer of a fantastic record; he performed in the same music hall to the same Greek fans from September 12, 2003 to September 12, 2004… 12 months in a row and the shows where packed!

His album released in 2003 and went quadruple platinum and is still selling. While his album “Stigmes” (meaning moments) reached the same status. Yiannis released his latest album, titled O,ti Genniete Stin Psihi (what is born in the soul)… the album has already reached doulble-platinum status.

Greek singing sensation, Yannis Ploutarhos, performs in South Africa for the very first time, at Emperors Palace in the Centre Court arena on Saturday, 4th of October. This multi-platinum selling artist will serenade you with his intense voice and passionate melodies.

Known for his kindness, his professionalism, the intense melodic lines of his songs, the romantics and the nostalgia his voice delivers, Yannis’ performance in South Africa is not to be missed.

When: Saturday, 4th of October 2008

Cost: Tickets from R800 per person
Venue: Emperors Palace – Centre Court

For bookings, call the number alongside during office hours.

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