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Did you know that it takes between 3 to 7 exposures to an idea before people are convinced enough to take action? Or that people stay on websites an average of 47 seconds before clicking out? It’s these kind of eye-opening statistics that Therésa Müller, CEO of ZA Group (of which ZA Training is a division), shares — and then proposes solutions to — that make her workshops so valuable.

Therésa has spent her entire adult life in marketing and advertising and more than half of those years in the US. She returned to South Africa just over five years ago, with a burning passion to share her knowledge in order to help businesses grow and flourish.

The team attended and reviewed her workshops in December 2007 and said:
“We highly recommend both ZA Training workshops to anyone who is even remotely involved in trying to sell anything! Whether you are the marketing manager of a large firm or a one-man band just getting his e-store off the ground — the insight, knowledge and skills you will gain from BOTH the workshops are invaluable!”

“How to create advertising guaranteed to generate business for your business” will help any business owner, entrepreneur or marketing professional to zone in on — and effectively communicate — the unique value his or her business offers. In short, it will get the phone ringing and bring bodies through the door. What’s great about this workshop is that Therésa doesn’t simply stand up and tell you what to do — she works through the process with each individual attending! So, you all learn from each other’s examples and leave with the hardest and most important work already done. All you need to do is go back to your business, armed with a very clear instruction manual, and set the wheels in motion. This workshop provides inspiration, knowledge and tools that can be immediately put to use to make any company’s advertising more effective.

Here’s what past delegates had to say after completing this workshop:

“Very professional, helpful & insightful. In a very short time you will get a deep understanding of the fundamentals required to construct effective advertising.”
– Ceri James, Director, JD Consulting

“I manage a six figure annual marketing budget…What I got from your workshops was simple, clear, practical and applicable…and illuminated the marketing process for me. Thanks to the manual I continue to implement your advice and it continues to generate positive results for my business. Highly recommended.”
– Stephen Anthony Farah, Marketing & Operations Director, Andromeda Mobile Solutions

“Professional. Helpful. Informative. Completely worth the money.”
– Michelle Rabie, Dilicom Language & Communication

“How to harness the true potential of the Web to increase demand for your products and services” is equally useful and inspirational. Whether you don’t know a blog from an e-newsletter, or you are a seasoned marketing pro or web developer with years of experience, you will benefit from Therésa’s no nonsense, non-technical approach to using the Internet to boost sales and make money. Learn how to get readers to your website, how to grab and hold their attention, how to build a mutually beneficial relationship with them, and much, much more. And for those wanting to make money through an online store, the workshop covers everything from setting up a shopping cart and merchant facility to what kinds of products to sell, online!

Some of the delegates who attended this workshop in the past had these comments:

”WOW! Didn’t think I would learn so much. All I knew until now was extreme frustration in trying to develop a website strategy which made sense. This workshop is … one of the most beneficial things I have done… I now know what should be expected and demanded from those developing our new website. I am also now armed with the knowledge of how the site should be designed and managed to drive traffic to it and what strategies should be implemented to ensure that we get to do business with as many of the visitors as possible.”
– Grant Brazer, Publisher, Sight Lifestyle Magazine

“This workshop was phenomenal … I would definitely recommend it for any Marketing Manager … a workshop where you can ask stupid questions and get answers in simple English. I still don’t do cyber lingo, but I am no longer intimidated by it. Marketing on the Web is very different from other forms of media. Theresa understands this and has provided a simple marketing strategy that can be implemented by any business. Fabulous for Marketing Managers taking ownership of their websites!”
– Tilani Edwards, Sales & Marketing Manager, Avianto

Very interesting and stimulating … loads of information and ideas on how to upgrade our own website to increase interest and sales. DO THIS BEFORE you start developing your own website.”
– Ellen Rocher, Co-owner, Goji Health

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your business a Valentine’s Day gift that will more than pay for itself in increased sales.

Book now and get 10% off the standard prices of the Johannesburg workshops.
(Click on the relevant workshop heading below and quote the reference : Joburg0802 on your booking form to claim your discount)

– Wednesday 20 February 2008 : How to create advertising guaranteed to generate business for your business

– Thursday 21 February 2008 : How to harness the true potential of the WEB to increase demand for your products or services

Standard Price : R 1 995 per workshop
Valentine’s Special : R 1 795.50 per workshop.That’s a saving of R 199.50!

Visit the website alongside for more information on the other services offered by ZA Group, and to download the FREE e-Book ‘3 Marketing Essentials without which your business may not survive.”

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