Zara Karmali – Karma

Zara Karmali – Karma

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Zara Karmali is a woman of many talents and holds many roles – Bsc in Information Technology, professional chef, owner, host and entrepreneur.

She loves to eat and she loves to cook. Zara has been involved in the restaurant industry for most of her professional life and she has set up and operated a number of successful restaurants from Indian to Seafood cuisine In Kenya.

Growing up in family restaurants in Kenya, she has learnt from the best – her mother. Taking what she has learnt from her family kitchen, she has created contemporary, designer, & stylish dishes which have resulted in winning Best Indian Cuisine in Gauteng 7 years running.

After completing her course at the Utali Hospitality and Culinary College, she set off to India on an Indian cooking Adventure… It was here that she experienced the wonderful diversity in Indian cuisine and culture.

As a result of this experience, Zara mastered how to mix Indian spices to get the ‘perfect blend’. With a strong desire to succeed and a passion for food, Zahra is always seeking to produce the best, flavoursome and contemporary Indian dishes.

Zahra uses authentic imported ingredients to create traditional Indian dishes with a modern flair. She always aims to make the selection of food at Karma a truly amazing experience, thus getting the 7 years-in-a-row “Best Indian Restaurant in Gauteng” award”

Zara’s favourite’s
Zara shops at HUMZAH BUTCHERY. Tel 011 486-4591. 37 Greenhill Road, Emmarentia. This is a halaal butchery.
Her vegetables are usually purchased at the Congo Market in Yeoville. Zare says she can get vegetables such as cassava, kale and other African vegetables not normally found in greengrocers. The Congo Market for example also sells morogo, that Sotho favourite.
For her fish purchases, Zara shops at The Fisherman’s Deli at Hyde Park Corner.

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