Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra

Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra

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Join the JPO for the start of their brand new season.

Week 1 : Wednesday, 21st and Thursday, 22nd of February

Berlioz: Carnaval Romain

Saint-Saens: Sello Soncerto, no.1, op.33, a minor

Rachmaninoff: Symphony no.1, op.13, d minor

Soloist: Mattia Zappa – Cello

Conductor: Emmanuel Siffert

Week 2: Wednesday, 28th of February and Thursday, 1st of March

Glinka: Valse Fantaisie
Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto, no. 1, op.1, f# minor
Sibelius: Symphony no.1, op.39, e minor
Soloist: vladimir milosevic – piano
conductor: Emmanuel Siffert

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