Table 29: Where Selfies, Shooters And Celebs Mix

Table 29 is a great reason to visit Midrand! The amazing restaurant serves up the tastiest food … and the kids can tag along, too!

I’m about to make a bold statement: there are not enough compelling reasons to visit Midrand. Yeah yeah, there’s a bit of funk brewing here and there … and, of course, the occasional massive event that goes down at the Gallagher Convention Centre … but, nothing amazing … until now, that is. Say welcome to the rad Table 29!

If you’re a fan of Isidingo then you, my friend, have struck selfie gold … Table 29 is a family business, run by a very familiar face – Leeanda Reddy. You’ll certainly recognise her as that gun-toting, eye candy cop, Priya. It’s carved in stone that a selfie or two is a must when visiting this place! Dragging the cat out of the bag, she mentions that if there are two things in the world she loves most, it’s taking pictures and enjoying good food … so why not do both!?

It’s not so often that great restaurants are child-friendly. Or shall I rather say that customers with Mother Theresa’s level of patience for noisy children are rare. Well, Table 29 gets it … so they went ahead and created a kid’s area where the little ones can race around a track, play chess, enjoy the swings or energise their imagination in mini playhouses.

But back to the restaurant itself … taking a page from the eco-artisanal handbook that’s become so popular lately, they’ve installed glass jar lights, which are oh-so-pretty. The space has been furnished with a mixture of traditional and contemporary hints of splendour … and, as you may have guessed, the place actually does have 29 tables.

When visiting a restaurant, I always skim through the menu in hope of finding something exotic to tantalise my taste buds. There my brother and I were, browsing through the shooters list for ages, finally deciding on some Bob Marley and Liquid Cocaine shots … after chugging them, our blood was red, green and white and we were buzzing!

The food menu offers a range of treats that will satisfy everyone’s palates. If you dare try the pizzas, proceed with caution – they’re that good but be warned: you may run the risk of burning your budget. I had a taste of the crumbled chicken strips and grilled calamari with lemon butter and I can confidently say that I’ll be back. My brother ordered the ribs and, within a second, his plate was just full of bones.

Perfect for hosting small gatherings and parties, Table 29 is Midrand’s darling where you can sneak in a selfie or two with a soapie queen and enjoy a sublime atmosphere with delicious food while your kids play away.

by Gibson Dlamini

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